Subfamilia Doryctinae

Large cosmopolitan subfamily of ectoparasites of concealed larval Coleoptera and less commonly Lepidoptera and phytophagous Hymenoptera (exceptionally of Embioptera or phytophagous in seeds). Rather rarely collected, except the tribe Spathiini Parfitt, 1881. Included in this subfamily is the aberrant tribe Evaniodini Fischer, 1981 from S. America. The metasoma is highly inserted on the propodeum, the vein cu-a of hind wing very is long and reclivous, and the propodeum is completely smooth. The aberrant shape of the ovipositor of the Doryctinae is a synapomorphy of nearly all Doryctinae, including the Ypsistocerini and Evaniodini (Quicke et al., 1992).


Priosphys biannulatus 1, Priosphys biannulatus (Granger), female.
Evaniodes areolatus 1, Evaniodes areolatus Sz├ępligeti, female.
Leptorhaconotus brunneus 1, Leptorhaconotus brunneus Granger, female.
Pareucorystes varinervis 1, Pareucorystes varinervis Tobias, female.
Spathioplites phreneticus 1, Spathioplites phreneticus Fischer, female.
Siragra nitida 1, Siragra nitida Cameron, female.
Termitobracon emersoni 1, Termitobracon emersoni Brues, female, but lower pair of wings of male.

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